Asphalt Preparation – Paving Services in Beaver County, PA

Asphalt Preparation for Quality Commercial and Residential Paving

West Point Paving knows good preparation work before the installation of asphalt is an important step for a long lasting asphalt pavement surface. In places such as Ohio, West Virginia and towns like Beaver, PA, the trick to a long lasting driveway or parking lot pavement is right at the subgrade and base under the asphalt surface layer. When preparation work is done poorly, problems can occur. This can lead to an asphalt pavement surface that does not last as long. Before the professional installation of any asphalt pavement, we make sure the subgrade material is desirable and well compacted.
Putting down the base Preparing an area

Granular – based Gravel Base for a Strong Foundation in Beaver, PA

During the preparation phase, we install a granular based gravel base over the sub-grade. These two steps when installed properly provide durable support for the top asphalt surface layer. High quality gravel base installed on a compacted subgrade is the key to a strong foundation for any asphalt driveway or parking lot in Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania.
Bringing in the equipment

West Point Paving Professional Services in Beaver, PA, Area:

Tennis Courts
Walking Paths
Parking Lots
Hiking or Bike Trails
Running Tracks
Cart Paths
Asphalt Sealing
Crack filling

Asphalt Preparation & Maintenance in OH, WV, and PA

A sound foundation will protect the asphalt from damage caused by water and the harshness of winter. A good foundation will allow the asphalt to better withstand daily usage and abuse. West Point Paving is proud to serve Ohio, West Virginia, and Western PA and provide the highest quality commercial, residential, and maintenance paving services in the region. To learn more about our services or to schedule a free estimate on your next paving project call us at: (330) 386-7751.