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New parking lot with stripping

Make a Great Investment with our Quality Commercial Paving Services

Make a great impression with high quality paving from West Point Paving. When customers visit your business, often times the parking lot is their first interaction. This why having a good parking lot is such an important investment for any business owner even in the Chippewa, PA, area. Make a great first impression for your guests with an attractive, functional, and well-designed asphalt parking lot.
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Asphalt Parking Lot for Your OH, WV, PA-area Business

An asphalt parking lot is also easy to clean and low maintenance. Its smooth and even surface makes it safe for customers to use in areas such as Chippewa, PA and Canfield, OH. During the harsh conditions of winter the asphalt will be able to withstand freezing and thawing. There’s no need to worry about salting because it will not affect the asphalt material. A parking lot is also the last thing customers see when leaving your business, so make a great lasting impression with West Point Paving’s commercial paving services.
Commercial parking lot Commercial parking lot

West Point Paving Makes Parking Lots Appealing in Chippewa, PA, Area

West Point Paving of East Liverpool, OH, is proud to provide the best quality commercial paving installations to all businesses in Ohio, West Virginia, and Western PA. With our professional asphalt installation, your parking lot will be able to withstand years of constant abuse and traffic. Asphalt is strong and durable enough to handle even the weight of large tractor-trailers and trucks.
Commercial parking lot

Maintain Business Lots with West Point Paving

Along with parking lots, West Point Paving also does paving for roads, line stripping, and overall asphalt maintenance in areas such as Chippewa, PA. To learn more about our services or to schedule a free estimate on your next paving project call us at: (330) 386-7751.

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